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Athletes Rehabilitation

Do you want to restore full mobility after an injury, or maybe you want to feel muscles relaxation, which are constantly tense and overloaded? Would you like some renewal? Do you feel pain or notice a tendency for swelling or cramping after training? Do you have a persistent or recurring injury and deeply want to do something about it? Make an appointment Today!

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Therapy After Injury

rehabilitation in sport Wroclaw
We provide sports rehabilitation:
  • for joint sprains,
  • after bone fractures and orthopaedic surgery,
  • for tendons  and ligament tares,
  • following keyhole surgery and ligament reconstructions,
  • for Rotator cuff syndrome,
  • tennis and golfer’s elbow syndrome,
  • for  acute or chronic patella tendinitis ,
  • after soft tissue (muscles) bruising,
  • post removal of plaster dressings,
  • for the the whole musculoskeletal system or for pain syndrome.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min


sports taping Wroclaw
Taping description:

It is used for the treatment of analgesia, joint oedema and for joint stabilisation. Kinesiotaping has various applications, applied after injury and throughout recovery. It especially works for sports people who feel pain and discomfort during training. It protects against other injuries during demanding workouts. Kinesiotaping allows you to compete at the highest level because it eliminates pain and aids your recovery.

service price: 60 zł

Sports Massage

sports massages Wroclaw
Massage description:

Is excellent for recovery following an intense workout by reducing symptoms of muscle acidification. You will feel perfectly  prepared when you next workout or competing in competition.  In addition, sports massage has a therapeutic and regenerative function that supports the treatment of injuries.

service price: 100 zł/ 20 min

service price: 140 zł/ 45 min

service price: 160 zł/ 60 min

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