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Children Physiotherapy

Working with a Little Patient covers a unique area of physiotherapy. Therapy follows the development and learning of the child's new activities. Thanks to the patient and friendly approach we are able to make a great contact with our kids and motivate them appropriately for each therapy. Our therapy is based on cooperation and understanding.

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Physical Therapy

child rehabilitation Wroclaw
Therapy is dedicated for Small Patients in the first months of their life as well as to the children in kindergartens, schools, and adolescence ones. Therapy is individually adapted to the child needs. It applies to problems like:


  • cerebral palsy
  • myelomeningocele
  • fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
  • asymmetry
  • facial nerve palsy
  • paresis
  • central nervous system coordination disorders
  • toe walking
  • muscular tension disorders: lowered / elevated
  • spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

bony – muscular:

  • torticollis, asymmetry
  • neck and neck muscles weakness
  • perinatal brachial plexus injury


  • down syndrome
  • muscular dystrophy

Therapy aims to achieve the greatest efficiency and independence of our Little Patients. It includes the prevention of changes related to the disorder, maintaining the effects and achieving new psychomotor goals. It combines various therapeutic methods.

service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Infant Therapy

infant rehabilitation Wroclaw
Therapy description:

If your child’s behavior worries you because he prefers one side of the body, does not like to stay on the stomach, bends and flexes, tightens the fists, does not grab the toys, does not turn from the back to the stomach and vice versa, does not support, is restless or unstable, he does not sit down – this is the right therapy for him.

Therapy is based on the NDT-Bobath or Vojta method. It involves supporting and stimulating the development of a baby. Therapy is friendly and safe for the child. It changes further when new psychomotor skills emerge.

The baby should be well-rested and about 30 minutes after eating!

service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Posture Correction Program

children physiotherapy Wroclaw
Program description:

It is aimed at children with problems throughout the entire musculoskeletal system. If you have noticed that your child is putting his feet inside while walking, he has a bulging belly, the chest is sunken or excessively forward, he has a tendency to set his legs in the letter X or O, the shoulders stick out from the back and the feet are flat, back is round or too straight – do not hesitate, and contact us! The occurrence of one of these disorders may be an indication for the therapy. It includes special exercises for correcting the figure, education of a small patient and parent, learning the correct habits and exercises.

ATTENTION! Using only orthopedic insoles will not solve your child’s problem.

service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Orthopedic Improvement

children's physiotherapy Wroclaw
Therapy description:

It is aimed at restoring lost movement as soon as possible or preparing a Little Patient for surgery. It involves the safe involvement of the area after surgical or orthopedic treatment. It also include the work with tissues and scars and stimulation of deep sensation. Applies to states after:

  • dislocation
  • twist
  • fracture
  • pre-and postoperative care

service price: 140 zł / 50 min


children kinesiotaping Wrocław
Description of kinesiotaping:

It is a safe, non-invasive and effective method used not only for adults! Thanks to the tapes your child can effectively continue therapy.

It works perfectly in:

  • postural defects corrections
  • lower limb therapy (knee and clubfoot knee, crooked and deformed feet, heel)
  • a stretch of straight abdominal muscles
  • flaccid and spastic paresis
  • sprains
  • removal of edema
  • muscle and ligament damage

service price: 50 zł

Health Training

children's physiotherapist Wroclaw
Training description:

It engages the entire body, increases circulatory and respiratory efficiency and improves the physical coordination of your child. It is also suitable for children with impaired balance and gait (stumbling, with large lateral torso abductions when walking, walking on toes, putting their feet in). It improves the quality and pace of gait and the precision of movements. Regular health training will make your child more vital and physical activity will become his habit!

service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Supporting the development of babies in the first 12 months of life. Instruction and control.

children's physiotherapy Wroclaw
Therapy description:

Therapy is addressed to babies in the first months of their life. The aim of the therapy is to monitor and continuously eliminate abnormalities of motor development of infants. It involves monthly visits. Each time the therapist assesses the psychomotor development of the child and instructs the parents how to support and stimulate their own child through nursing, exercise and play. During the first visit, we will teach you how to deal with your toddler and how to adapt your own motor habits to give him the most benefits. Be aware that just by holding, carrying, swaddling, laying down to sleep, bathing and playing with your kid properly you are able to eliminate the most important developmental anomalies.

The baby should be well-rested and about 30 minutes after eating!


service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Therapeutic Massage

children rehabilitation Wroclaw
Massage description:

Suitable for children and adolescents after injuries, surgical procedures, the removal of a plaster dressing. Accelerates and facilitates recovery by activating weakened muscles. It helps with blood supply, irrigates and nutrify the tissues as well as improves the elasticity of scars and postoperative adhesions. Perfectly relaxes overloaded muscles.

service price: 140 zł / 50 min

Vojta therapy

#Vojta therapy Wrocław
Therapy description:

Therapy Vojta’s method is intended for children and infants with central nervous coordination (OCD) disorders. It consists of: abnormal muscle tone, delayed development stages, no support in the abdomen, flexing, letter C, asymmetry, difficulty sitting, no quadrupling, hunched back when sitting, foot problems.
Therapy the concept of Vojta is to stimulate the right body zones to trigger the correct movement patterns. It takes place in specially arranged positions for the child (on the stomach, back, side, in a crawling position). Exercises are performed on the table, the baby is undressed during stimulation. During therapy, the physiotherapist teaches the parent exercises to be repeated regularly at home to consolidate the effects of therapy.
As part of Vojta’s therapy, we also teach parents / guardians how to properly care for babies (wearing, carrying, dressing, changing).
The baby should be well rested and about 30 minutes after eating!

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

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