Avenue 95 Hallera, Wroclaw
registration: 534 882 889
Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:00
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To make an appointment just call or email us. During the conversation, we will try to set a convenient date for the meeting. We run stationary rehabilitation in the offices at Avenue of Gen. Józef Haller 95 in the ALL-MED building. We also offer mobile physiotherapy service throughout Wroclaw and the surrounding area.

Opening hours Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00
Phone: 534 882 889 - Magdalena Bogun, Angelika Reguła
Email: office@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office: Hallera 95

Warning! Visits are possible only after prior registration by phone or email.

We are located opposite the Borek Shopping Center in the ALL-MED building. We provide parking spaces for drivers, at the back of the building there is convenient access by the downtown bypass. People traveling by public transport can get tram number 14, 20, 24 and buses number 119, 136. The stop is located at the "Ojca Beyzyma" street. We have four separate offices in this location: for children and adults.
Office address:
Gen. Józefa Hallera 95, 53-201 Wrocław
Office opening hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 – 21:00
Saturday, Sunday closed
In order to make an appointment please call us at 534 882 889. It is also possible to contact by e-mail: biuro@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

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FizjoHome Wroclaw

* Please forgive us if we temporarily do not answer your call. We probably work with patients, we will call back as soon as possible.

Magdalena Bogun


call 534 882 889

email: office@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Angelika Reguła


tel. 534 882 889

email: biuro@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Maja Kanecka

MA physiotherapy

call 730 150 324

email: maja@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Offices at 95 Hallera Avenue and home visits.

Honorata Jaworska

MA physiotherapy

call 784 799 535

email: honorata@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Offices at 95 Hallera Avenue and home visits.

Magdalena Urbas-Kostka

MA physiotherapy

tel. 730 150 199

email: magdalena@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave. and home visits.

Magdalena Reczek

MA physiotherapy

tel. 538 211 441

email: magdalena.reczek@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave. and home visits.

Ewa Tomczyk

MA physiotherapy

tel. 728 651 182

email: ewa@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave.

Przemysław Zygo

MA physiotherapy

tel. 730 150 122

email: przemyslaw@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave. and home visits

Weronika Słota

MA physiotherapy

tel. 666 576 241

email: weronika@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave. and home visits

Monika Kolbusz

MA physiotherapy

tel. 730 150 175

email: monika@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave. and home visits

Elżbieta Garstka

MA physiotherapy

tel. 798 141 757

email: elzbieta@fizjohome.wroclaw.pl

Office at 95 Hallera Ave.

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Our team of professional physiotherapists will work together for your benefit. We are dedicated to helping our patients take care of their bodies and quickly return to good physical health.


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Mon-Fr 8:00-20:00

534 882 889