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Kinesiology taping

Why should it hurt if it doesn't have to? Why you should be afraid that your knee-joint will give out if it can be well stabilized and you will feel more confident and safer? Swelling doesn't need to persist for a long time, it can be reduced faster. Colored kinesiology tapes can also replace posture corrector/orthosis, at the same time it is a much more convenient solution.

Kinesiology Taping

kinesiology taping Wrocław
Description of the method:

Kinesiology taping is a new metohd that is used in phisiotherapy and sport. Kinesiology taping is safe for children and elderly. Due to its effectivness and immediate action, it is becoming more and more popular.

We use kinesiology taping in the case of:

  • back pain,
  • neck pain,
  • shoulder pain,
  • diastasis recti –  separation of the abdominal muscles,
  • screwing the joint,
  • strain, rupture of the ligament,
  • hallux – crooked toes,
  • tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow,
  • jumper’s knee,
  • overloading of the ligaments and muscles, example. Achilles tendon,
  • instability of the joint,
  • injury,
  • bad posture,
  • popping patella,
  • swelling after operation or injury,
  • contusion or bruise .

* if we want kinesiology tape to stick well, the skin should be shaved
* before applying kinesiology tape, balsams and creams should not be used

service price: 60 zł

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