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Rehabilitation is not just physical exercises and treatments. Massage is a big and an important part of physiotherapy.

The main task of the message is to restore the muscles and soft tissues their proper tension, elasticity, and blood supply. Properly made massage reduces pain and speeds up treatment.

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Spine Massage

massage Wrocław
Massage description:

The treatment is supposed to counteract back pain and accelerate the regeneration of overloaded structures. The massage covers all sections of the spine. Perfect in degenerative disease of the spine. Massage if necessary is combined with manipulation of fascia and soft tissue techniques. Massage is effective at:

  • sciata,
  • shoulder arthritis,
  • discopathy,
  • degeneration of the spine,
  • spinal overload syndrome,
  • przepuklina
  • bad posture,
  • back pain,
  • neck pain,
  • shoulder pain.

service price: 120 zł/ 20 min

service price: 160 zł/ 45 min

service price: 180 zł/ 60 min

Therapeutic Massage

masseur Wrocław
Massage description:

It is used in conditions after injuries, pain syndromes, surgical procedures, arthrosis, neuralgia and anti-edematous therapy. Massage relieves pain, speeds up the healing and regeneration processes, improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and, above all, relaxes tense muscles. We offer:

  • face massage,
  • neck massage,
  • sholuder massage (after injuries),
  • elbow massage (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow)
  • hand massage (cwrist pain, arthritis)
  • hip massage (hip degeneration, ednoprosthesis)
  • knee massage (knee degeneration)
  • foot massage (crocked toe, valgus, platfus)
  • muscles massage.

service price: 120 zł/ 20 min

service price: 160 zł/ 45 min

service price: 180 zł/ 60 min

Lymphatic Massage (drainage)

Wrocław massage
Massage description:

It is used in anti-swelling therapy. The therapist manually moves the accumulated fluid towards the closest lymph nodes in the direction of the lymph flow. It can be used in chronic or acute illnesses, the very next day after surgery or injury. It reduces swelling, accelerates healing, reduces pain and the feeling of „heaviness”. * in addition, during the treatment, the therapist teaches the patient how to perform drainage himself

service price: 120 zł/ 20 min

service price: 160 zł/ 45 min

service price: 180 zł/ 60 min

Sports Massage

sports massages Wroclaw
Massage description:

This is an excellent activity after an intense workout that reduces the symptoms of muscle acidification. In addition, as a pre-workout warming form, it perfectly prepares you for exercise or competition. In addition, sports massage also has a therapeutic and regenerative function that supports the treatment of injuries.

service price: 120 zł/ 20 min

service price: 160 zł/ 45 min

service price: 180 zł/ 60 min

Relaxing Massage

relaxing massage Wroclaw
Massage description:

Delicate, soothing, calm massage performed with circular motions. Maybe you will even zone out for a moment … Despite the calm, slow pace, it has a warming and stimulating effect on the circulatory system. It allows the body to escape negative emotions. Not only the body but also the mind rests.

service price: 120 zł/ 20 min

service price: 160 zł/ 45 min

service price: 180 zł/ 60 min

Full-body Massage

massages Wrocław
Massage description:

Perfect for a complete renewal of your body. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, restores the balance between muscles. What is more massage speeds recovery. The massage covers the whole body with its action. Also recommended as a great gift for a loved one. * the treatment also includes a face massage on request

service price: 210 zł/ 90 min

Anti-cellulite massage a Chinese cupping

#massage a Chinese cupping

Chinese cupping massage is an effective form of supporting the fight against cellulite. It consists in creating, with a rubber bubble, a vacuum that sucks in a fold of skin. This stimulates local circulation, removing toxins and accelerating metabolism. Thanks to this, the skin becomes more elastic and firm, which facilitates body shaping.

An additional effect of Chinese cupping massage is relaxation and restoration, reduction of muscle tone, and thus reduction of pain.

service price: 120 zł/ 25 min

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