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Mobile service zones

The map and table situated below describe mobile service division zones. We present this way different costs for physiotherapist's drive to individual places in Wroclaw and the surrounding areas. Each zone has a different price for mobile service.

To get to know the cost of mobile service, please enter the street name in the blue field or enter the location name near the city of Wrocław. On the map below a marker will appear indicating in which zone the location is located. This way you will learn the cost of physiotherapist's drive, to your location.

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  • Red Zone - drive cost 40zł

  • Blue Zone - drive cost 50zł

  • Green Zone - drive cost 60zł

  • Yellow Zone - drive cost 70zł

Zone 1: Red - Wroclaw districts:

drive cost: 40zł

Zone 2: Blue

drive cost: 50zł

Zone 3: Green

drive cost: 60zł

Zone 4: Yellow

drive cost: 70zł

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