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Rehabilitation Wroclaw

Are you looking for a good physiotherapist in Wroclaw? Rehabilitation in our company is provided by professional and qualified physiotherapists.

We know that public rehabilitation is often insufficient and the patient still needs specialistic help after the treatment. Many of us worked in the public sector for a while and we are aware of the difficulties such as lack of time for the patient and too short period of rehabilitation. These make the rehabilitation process not complete, which may result in subsequent complications and recurrences of the disease. In response to these problems, we created FizjoHome.

We provide a team of qualified physiotherapists who will help you with many illnesses and injuries. We effectively treat spine, back or neck pains, after injuries, when you sprain or break something. We help in neurological diseases, orthopedic diseases, after injuries as well as with cardiac diseases. We believe that we can take care of you.

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Kinesitherapy, massages or manual therapy – together we will choose a good form of physiotherapy for you. We have good physiotherapists who will answer all your questions and give you guidance.

Rehabilitacja Wrocław

FizjoHome offers stationary rehabilitation at 95 Hallera Avenue (in the All-Med building). We also run a mobile service of rehabilitation in Wrocław and surroundings. We provide convenient dates and affordable prices. Don’t hesitate and call us Today 🙂

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Adult Physiotherapy

Comprehensive physiotherapy in a motor system, neurological, cardiological disorders, after injuries and surgical procedures.

Seniors Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation in diseases of joints and spine, after implantation of endoprosthesis and after injuries, as well as after stroke and in neurological diseases.

Children Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation in developmental disorders, neurological, orthopedic diseases, genetic diseases and after surgical procedures.

Feminine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in developmental disorders, neurological, orthopedic diseases, genetic diseases and after surgical procedures.

Athletes Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation after injuries, surgical procedures, in states of muscle and joint overload as well as in chronic pain syndromes

Stress Management Physiotherapy

Relaxation techniques, exercises, and massages reduce the negative effects of long-term stress. Learning how to relax. Restoring strength and vitality.


Spine massage, lymphatic massage, back massages, joint and muscle pains massages. Elimination of symptoms of RA, sciatica and discopathy.


Reduction of pain, acceleration of bruises and swellings absorption, joints stabilization, posture correction support. No-pain rehabilitation!


Electrotherapy treatments are a great supplement for traditional rehabilitation. They are effective in cases of pain, inflammation, increased tension or muscle weakness.

Offer for companies and kindergartens

Group and individual activities in kindergartens, schools, and nurseries, company training, therapies and massages for employees

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Our team of professional physiotherapists will work together for your benefit. We are dedicated to helping our patients take care of their bodies and quickly return to good physical health.


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