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Stress Management Physiotherapy

You do not have to go to the SPA resort to experience a moment of relaxation. Book a the relaxation therapy at Fizjohome and you will care for your vitality, calm and pleasure. You can invest your saved time into practicing yoga or tai-chi exercise, which we will introduce you to.

We often forget about ourselves in a state of constant hurry. Take care of your heart and let your tense muscles rest. Give your body the necessary care. Recover the normal balance between the body and the mind.

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LIVE WITHOUT STRESS Relaxation TrainingRelaxing MassageFull-body Massage

LIVE WITHOUT STRESS Relaxation Training

Trening description:

It’s good for your heart! It counteracts hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. It is a combination of exercises, breathing lessons and relaxation techniques. Constant emotional tension disturbs the functioning of the whole organism and causes a feeling of chronic fatigue. We will teach you how to deal with it. You will learn the methods of relaxation that will make you feel light again. Note: Prolonged and severe stress can cause depression and in extreme cases anxiety disorders.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Relaxing Massage

relaxing massage Wroclaw
Massage description:

Delicate, soothing, calm massage performed with circular motions. Maybe you will even zone out for a moment … Despite the calm, slow pace, it has a warming and stimulating effect on the circulatory system. It allows the body to escape negative emotions. Not only the body but also the mind rests.

service price: 100 zł/ 20 min

service price: 140 zł/ 45 min

service price: 160 zł/ 60 min

Full-body Massage

massages Wroclaw
Massage description:

Perfect for a complete renewal of your body. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues. The massage, within its action, covers the whole body, restoring the balance between muscles. Also recommended as a great gift for a loved one. * the treatment also includes a face massage on request

service price: 190 zł/ 90 min

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