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Feminine Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation of pregnant women. Postpartum physiotherapy. Pelvic floor therapy.

Are you suffering from incontinence, pain during menstruation or pain in the spine? Are you struggling with the separation of straight abdominal muscles or a scar after a cesarean section? Are you planning to get pregnant and would you like to prepare your body for such an important condition?

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services, adapted to your problem.

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Pregnant WomenWomen After ChildbirthLinea Alba (Abdomen)Pelvic FloorUrinary IncontinenceKinesiotapingElectrostimulation of the pelvic floor

Physiotherapeutic Treatment of Pregnant Women

Therapy description:

Physiotherapeutic treatment of pregnant women is aimed at the elimination of:

  • pain in the spine
  • a migraine headache
  • muscle stiffness
  • pain in the pubic symphysis area
  • leg swelling

Before the first appointment, consult your gynecologist and ask him to issue a certificate of no contraindications to physical rehabilitation.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Physiotherapeutic Treatment of Women After Childbirth

Therapy description:

Postpartum rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible, already in the first days after giving the birth. During the postpartum period, a high level of relaxin hormone supports young mothers with eliminating the perinatal abnormalities. Physiotherapy in puerperium includes the therapy of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, mobilization of the scar after cesarean section incision/episiotomy, alleviation of pain.

The cesarean scar mobilization is necessary to avoid numerous consequences, such as discomfort at the incision, pain in the area where the scar is situated, pain projected into places distant from the field of surgery.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Linea Alba (Abdomen) Physiotherapy

Therapy description:

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscle extends up to 15 cm. In this case, the muscle flaps spread sideways. Often, such dysfunction may not heal spontaneously after the childbirth. In our treatment, we use manual therapy, functional training and we protect the belly with kinesiotaping technique.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Therapy description:

Pelvic floor therapy involves the treatment of diseases occurring in the pelvic region. The main problems are:

  • urinary incontinence
  • lowering the pelvic floor
  • menstrual cramps
  • frequent vaginal infections
  • pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • hemorrhoids

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Urinary Incontinence Physiotherapy

Therapy description:

Urinary incontinence is associated with a lack of control over your own bladder. Physiotherapy is focused on correct diagnostics and adjustment of pelvic floor function.

service price: 140 zł/ 50 min

Kinesiotaping of Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Therapy description:

Kinesiotaping aims to maintain the therapeutic effects obtained during the therapy. Tapes have analgesic and stabilizing effect and  stimulate tissues to work. They can also reduce swelling.

service price: 60 zł/ 20 min

Electrostimulation of the pelvic floor

#electrostimulation of the pelvic floor Wrocław

Electrostimulation of the pelvic floor muscles is used, among others in the rehabilitation of weakened muscles, lack of their conscious control, in the treatment of urinary incontinence or reduction of the reproductive organ.

Biofeedback enables learning muscle control: self-tensioning and loosening.

For each patient, the vaginal electrode is additionally paid once for PLN 150 at the first treatment.

WARNING! Qualifying pelvic floor physiotherapy performed on a separate visit is eligible for the service.

service price: 40 zł/ 20 min

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